Ex-NBA Player Royce White Gunning For UFC Heavyweight Belt

Ex-NBA Player Royce White Gunning For UFC Heavyweight Belt


Ex-NBA Player Royce White Gunning For UFC Heavyweight Belt


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better watch out ... there's a new guy comin' for the UFC heavyweight belt -- ex-NBA player !!

The 6'8", 260-pounder announced he's now transitioning to MMA and even has a full-time coach in Minnesota. 

In his new book "MMA x NBA," the 27-year-old says he's dead serious about becoming a pro fighter -- and he's got some BIG goals.

“I’m coming for the UFC Heavyweight Crown,” RW told .

He's even hooked up with famed MMA coach Greg Nelson -- who has trained UFC stars like .

It's an interesting move for White who's been making headlines for years -- both for his athletic talent and his fight with the NBA and Houston Rockets over the way they deal with . 

White's story is pretty well-known ... after dominating at Iowa State, he was selected 16th overall in the 2012 NBA Draft ... but didn't make his NBA debut until 2014 due to a dispute with the Houston Rockets over his mental health condition.

White was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in grade school -- he's openly talked about how the condition affects many facets of his life, especially flying.

One of the big issues with the Rockets organization is White didn't want to fly with the rest of his team -- and ultimately hashed out a deal where he was allowed to travel to games by bus. 


After a short stint with the Sacramento Kings, White picked up his basketball career in the National Basketball League of Canada, where he was league MVP in 2017. 

But, if White is serious about getting a UFC contract, it seems he's leaving basketball for good ... with UFC honcho having talked about the insane commitment it takes to fight with the best in the world. 

No word on if White has any amateur fights lined up at the moment -- but we're working the story and, hopefully, we'll know more soon.