PHOTOSHOOT VIDEO of Eva Andresa, the brasil fitness star

PHOTOSHOOT VIDEO of Eva Andresa, the brasil fitness star

Eva, tell us how and when you started in the Fitness world:

I started to practice bodybuilding at 17 because I wanted to change aesthetically, I was a skinny teenager and I wanted to have a more defined body. At that time I met Jardel Barros, who is now my husband, he was a bodybuilder and he always encouraged me to train with weights and have an adequate diet, I accompanied him in his competitions, I saw magazines and videos of athletes and I was impressed by those bodies so perfect.

So, with Jardel's help, I started preparing as an athlete. It was a great challenge for me, as I had to completely change my eating habits, however, with discipline and determination I competed for the first time in 2004, in a small event in the interior of the state of Paraná, I was champion and I fell in love with the sport.


Your influences ..?

I have always admired athletes Mónica Brant and Davana Medina, because in addition to having beautiful bodies they also had good posture and facial beauty.


What do you do today?

I live a very happy phase in life, I am no longer a competition athlete, I work as a Fitness model. I travel doing advertising campaigns in Brazil and also in other countries such as the United States, Chile, Mexico, etc. On social media I have more than two million fans, I spread eating tips, training and motivational phrases.


I have a program called Dica Fitness, where I interview athletes. I never want to stop spreading sports, because if it weren't for him, I would not have learned to have discipline, determination and persistence, and I would not have conquered everything I conquered and continue to conquer.


I want to continue transmitting to people the importance of leaving sedentary lifestyle to practice physical activities and have a healthy diet.


I would like to have a space in some television program, because it is the means of communication that reaches more people. There are people who do not have access to the internet, so I would like to have the opportunity to improve the quality of life of people from all social levels.



2004: NABBA, Lobo Bravo Cup Champion, Figure

2005-2006: NABBA, Parana champion, Figure category

2006: NABBA, Brazilian Champion, Figure

2008: IFBB, Brazilian Champion, Bodyfitness

2009: IFBB, Brazilian Overall Champion, Bodyfitness

2009: IFBB, 3rd., Place in the South American Bodyfitness Championship