Royce White Already Reached Out to UFC, 'I'm a Supreme Athlete'

Royce White Already Reached Out to UFC, 'I'm a Supreme Athlete'


Royce White I've Already Reached Out to UFC ...'I'm a Supreme Athlete'



Ex-NBA player  says he's already taken real steps to make his UFC dream come true -- telling TMZ Sports he's reached out to 's team in the hopes of getting a real fight in the Octagon. 

We spoke with the 6'8", 260-pounder to find out how he's transitioning from the court to the mat -- and why the 28-year-old believes he can be dominant. 

"One thing I am is a supreme athlete, one of the best athletes in the world," White says. 

"And, not just because I was drafted int the NBA or because I'm a good basketball player. But because, even for a basketball player, I was one of the most athletic, unique, talented, skilled, composed, skilled athletes in that realm."

Royce also says when it comes to throwing punches, he has an advantage over virtually every person who's ever stepped in the cage. 

"I have one of the top 10 biggest sets of hands in the history of the NBA."

That fact checks out -- look it up. 

As we previously reported, White was balling out in Canada -- but believes he can be a and he's already been training with a top MMA coach out in Minnesota. 

White says his goal is to become the UFC heavyweight champ -- and he knows he's got his work cut out for him ... with fighters like , , and maybe looking to stand in his way. 

He , gives them all to us, and we gotta say the dude makes a compelling point. Now all he's gotta do is get in there and prove it.